How to Come Up With a Good Essay Title: Best Tips

Before attaining graduation, students must have written different academic papers such as essays. Although some students feel writing essays is a complex task, it is a simple process when you have the right materials, knowledge, and positive attitude. Essay writing begins by selecting the title of an essay. Sometimes, students have the freedom to choose their preferred title, and at some moment, the professors assign already decided topics. In whichever case, always be ready as a student to face any given topic that comes your way. Should you have the freedom to pick a topic, use the following concepts for positive results.

Tips on selecting an essay title:

Going through college essay title examples

Essay writing is something that has been on for the longest time. That is why when you research online, you will get thousands of best title examples at ibuyessay. Each title will give you an idea of what you need to write about. The essay title will also give you the direction on whether the essay is a narrative, an expository, an argumentative, or descriptive.

Discuss essay title examples with fellow students

Discussing with fellow students about different titles for essay writing is the best approach. In the group, you will understand measures to take and come out with the best topic. Through the discussion process, ensure you write important points that can help you in one way or the other.

Watch a show explaining what a good title for essay entails

Many content creators specialize in helping students hack academic work with great tips. Search for such videos and get the best ideas on developing creative titles for essay writing. As you listen, note down crucial points that you will need for revision.

Ask your teacher how to come up with a title for an essay

Your tutors should be your number one resource when you need help with academic work. Create some time and schedule an appointment with your teacher. Explain your weak areas and concepts you don’t understand when creating titles for essay writing. The teacher will give you a workable plan you can follow and improve in your weak areas.

Google ideas on how to make a good essay title

As a student, always make google your number one priority. Check some of the ideas you can include in your title to make it catchy during your free moments. For instance, you will realize you need to use some keywords to ensure the title brings out the intended meaning. Also, you will realize the use of different punctuations have a significant impact on how you write the title. Again, the title should match the thesis/theme of the entire essay.

Know the basics of how to title an essay

Giving an essay a title isn’t just about creating words and bringing them together to make a sentence like you could when writing other non-academic work. The teacher starts awarding marks from the title itself. The basics of any essay title include the following:

  • Easy to read – Avoid using complicated phrases that force the reader to use a dictionary to get the meaning. Be unique but simple.
  • Short and straight – If you write long titles, you will mix up the ideas and confuse the reader.
  • Use active voice – Make sure your essay title is active and not a passive one.
  • Attractive – Well, imagine a boring title; even the reader will switch off immediately they realize your topic isn’t appealing.
  • Accuracy – Some students always decide to write a false title when they feel the overall topic is complicated. Be as accurate as possible when writing your title because you will have to defend your point of view in the main body. Your teacher doesn’t have to read false information unless you want to fail in the essay.

Take notes on writing the title of an essay

Finally, during the class session, when the teacher is teaching essay writing, always write personal notes that you can reference any time you want to create a title. There is no harm in reading through some notes to clarify some concepts.


Writing an essay has different sections that are equally important. However, the theme/title of the essay is what will determine the weight of your essay and how you will deliver the requirements from the teacher. Use the above tips as your starting point, and you will never go wrong.