Superfood Spotlight: Kefir


The term superfood may be slightly overused and there really is no true definition, but it is a simple fact that there are wonderful foods available that are more nutritious than your average super-sized American meal.  Right now kefir is the superfood everyone is talking about.  Kefir can be found in many forms.  Milk kefir, as the name suggests, comes in a milk variety. You can also find Kefir crafted in non-dairy options like coconut milk.  Thinner than yogurt but strikingly similar, kefir contains even more beneficial bacteria.  So what does it taste like?  What yogurt is to the spoon, kefir is to the straw.  Tangy, smooth, and sweetened how you choose.  

Why so super?

  1. Kefir is a great source of probiotics aiding in immunity and optimal digestion.  Probiotics protect your gut from bad bacteria.  Healthy gut, healthy body!
  2. Strong bones!  This exotic food is a great source of calcium.
  3. High in B vitamins, specifically B12, a fatigue fighter that may make your hair, nails and skin look great.
  4. A single serving has 10 grams of protein!

How do I eat it?

  1. Kefir smoothies are the easiest and most convenient way to consume the superfood.  Use kefir the same way you would milk or a milk substitute in your favorite smoothie.  Strawberries and cream anyone?
  2. A yogurt-like food, kefir makes great ice cream.  A perfect treat for the summer.
  3. Substitute kefir in salad dressings that call for mayo or sour cream for a nutritious spin.  Kefir potato salad will be a big hit at your next BBQ!

LeeAnn Kindness is a graduate student at Drexel University majoring in human nutrition. She plans to become a registered dietitian.

Photo Cred: Reina Nicole Hayashi




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