New Year’s Resolutions


Most of the holiday hustle and bustle has come and gone, leaving you to reflect not only on the season, but also on the past year. As you prepare for a new year, you might start to think about how you can improve your life or what you can change in the upcoming year. New Year’s resolutions are extremely popular and serve as goals to make this year better than the last. However, research shows that most New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by the end of February. Here are five simple ways to make resolutions that last all year long.

Resolution11. Make it realistic - Many times, resolutions are not attainable and realistic. This can make it hard to keep your resolution for longer than a short period of time. It’s best to make a resolution challenging, but reachable. For example, if your goal is to eat healthier and you are a busy college student, tell yourself you will pack a healthy snack each day instead of picking up a candy bar or chips from the vending machine. This is a realistic goal that can become a habit and will last all year long.

2. Take baby steps - If you dive in head-first, you might get so overwhelmed that you give up altogether.  For example, if your goal is to run a half marathon start with a comfortable distance, like a 5k, and work your way up to more mileage.

3. Enlist support - It’s much easier to reach goals when you have the support of friends and family. Tell others your resolution and encourage them to share theirs. This way, you can hold each other accountable.

4. Stay positive - Sticking with a resolution can be hard, but with a positive attitude, it will be easier Resolution3to overcome any obstacles you face.

5. Know what motivates you - If you know why you make a certain resolution, you can understand what will motivate you to keep it through the year. For example, if your resolution is to study more, ask yourself why. Is it to have more knowledge on the subject, get better grades, or another reason?

These five simple tips can help you make resolutions that last. Remember, if you slip up or forget about the goal you made, that’s okay. Make sure to get right back to it the next opportunity you have. Just think about why you made that goal in the first place and what you really want for the New Year!

Natalie Senninger is a third year Dietetics major at The University of Dayton. She plans to become a Registered Dietitian.

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