Microwave Madness

frozen mealsYou know those days when you come home from class in need of something quick to eat because you have a paper due, a club meeting in an hour, and a multitude of other responsibilities? Some days, it can feel like there’s no time to even eat. When moments like these arise, the inventor of the microwave deserves a huge “thank you”. The possibilities are endless when it comes to microwave cooking.

Try these quick and easy microwaveable foods next time you are in a time crunch:

Frozen Foods- There are a few options available in the frozen food section for healthy microwaveable dinners, such as Amy’s brand. Many of these are balanced meals, which can be cooked in minutes. Frozen vegetable are also great to have on hand and they share similar nutritional value as fresh vegetables. Frozen veggies can be microwaved as a side dish to a meal, or as a snack alone.

Popcorn- Possibly one of the most common microwavable foods, this is a staple item. Want to add some flavor to your popcorn besides the traditional butter and salt? Many spices and seasonings, such as cumin, pesto, or smoked paprika, can be added to your popcorn to make it unique. Whether you need some for a late night study session, quick snack on the go, or for a movie night with friends, popcorn is a must-have snack for every college student.

Pizza- All you need is a pita or tortilla wrap, a jar of sauce, and veggie toppings. Simply create your pizza and pop it into the microwave for about 30 seconds or until warm! Missing the sauce? Make a quesadilla instead, and add anything you have in your dorm or apartment to make it your own! Add some beans, grilled chicken, salsa, or even some guac; the possibilities are endless.

Pasta- Most people don’t realize that pasta can be made in the microwave if you are in a rush. Place pasta in a small microwavable bowl and cover it with about an inch of water. Cook in the microwave for a few minutes on high, and then test for doneness. If it still seems chewy, cook for another minute or two. Next, nuke your sauce and you will have a perfect pasta dinner in a matter of minutes. To add some protein to this dish, toss in some pre-cooked meat, such as chicken or sausage.

Brownie in a cup- You do need to make sure you have all the ingredients ahead of time, but this is a super cute, and quick way to satisfy your sweet tooth. All you need are basic brownie ingredients, and your favorite coffee mug! Top with a scoop of vanilla froyo, some cookie crumbles, fruit, or whatever your sweet tooth desires! Here is the recipe!



¼ cup flour

¼ cup sugar

2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa

¼ cup water

2 tbsp vegetable or canola oil

1-2 drops vanilla extract

Pinch of salt

Pinch of cinnamon


Place flour, sugar, cocoa, salt, and cinnamon in a microwave safe mug. Stir to break up any clumps. Add oil, water, and vanilla, and stir to make sure there aren’t any lumps. Cook in microwave on high for 1 minute and 40 seconds. Brownie should be moist when done, not dry. Let cool, add any toppings if desired, and enjoy!

These are just a few suggestions for microwaveable foods, but the options are endless! What is your go-to microwaveable snack or meal? Leave a comment here or tweet to @foodieoncampus!

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