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Campus Chow

Get to Know Organic Farming

Get to Know Organic Farming

Organic. All-natural. Grass-fed. Antibiotic and hormone free. Free range. Responsibly raised. Locally sourced. What do these words mean, how are they related, and what’s the deal? The food industry markets products with a variety of adjectives that attract consumers. However, these adjectives are often confusing and misleading. So, what exactly… MORE>

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Mind, Body, Soul

Discovering Yoga

Discovering Yoga

Looking for something to ease the stress of new classes, tests, and homework? Yoga just might be the cure many students are looking for. With yoga studios popping up everywhere and classes being offered in many campuses across the country, it’s no wonder students are using yoga as their go-to… MORE>

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What is Gluten For Goodness Sake?

What the heck is gluten? It’s taking over grocery stores and dining halls alike, it has its own menu at restaurants, and it even comes with a handy label on most processed goods. Students often wonder: Is going gluten-free the first step to halting the “Freshman 15”? With over 2… MORE>

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Fitness Apps

As August rapidly approaches, college jitters begin to build. Your mind is cluttered with worries of trivial matters like wardrobe choices and weekend plans to those that are more significant like classes, homework and even declaring your major. Whether you’re staying close to home or venturing across the country, the… MORE>

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Facts About The Mediterranean Diet.

It seems as though the media popularizes new fad diets before you can even get to the grocery store to follow the last celebrity endorsed eating plan. Names like Paleo diet, gluten-free diet, and wheat belly are thrown around and mixed up almost constantly. What many people forget, however, is… MORE>

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Fitness for Females: Why Pumping Iron Won’t Make you the Hulk

In a world with endless weight loss tips, copious amounts of pre-workout energy boosters, and conflicting advice rampant, what is a girl to do? How is it possible to obtain a healthy, toned body without getting the big bulging muscles of a man? The answer, though quite simple, is clouded… MORE>

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