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Warm Up Foods

As the temperatures start to get colder, the foods that provide us with comfort get warmer. With midterms and coursework at an all-time high, it’s common to start feeling homesick or overwhelmed mid-way through the semester. Whether it’s a bowl of warm creamy tomato soup, or a plate full of… MORE>

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Mind, Body, Soul

Four Steps to a New Confident You

Confidence is one of the most important strengths a person can have. Confidence is not only felt inside, but also a characteristic that other people notice. Some people are naturally more confident than others, but it can be an acquired trait. Confidence may also fluctuate based on certain situations. Many… MORE>

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What’s Cooking in Your Crockpot?

What’s Cooking in Your Crockpot?

The Crockpot can be a college student’s best friend.  The slow-cooking method is one that allows you to throw all of your ingredients into one pot and let it cook on a low heat setting all day while you’re in class.  In addition to being easy, a Crockpot uses less… MORE>

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Five Fall Outdoor Activities

Five Fall Outdoor Activities

Fall is the perfect time to get outdoors and have some fun. The weather is cool and brisk, yet it still carries a hint of summer warmth. There is a small window of opportunity, this time of year, where you can enjoy some outdoor activities before the cold and snow… MORE>

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Campus Chow

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Fall is finally here and a great way to enjoy the season is by going to a pumpkin patch! Contrary to popular belief, pumpkins are not a type of vegetable; rather they are a fruit, a fruit berry to be specific. Pumpkins are native to North America, and in America… MORE>

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For The Health of It

5 Must Have Health Apps

5 Must Have Health Apps

There is no denying that smart phones are taking over the social media world. Whether you use your phone to check Twitter and Instagram, your e-mail, or just surf the web, the possibilities are endless with what you can do with them! With over hundreds of apps available for smart… MORE>

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