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Why NUTs are Truly a Great Source of NUTrition

Yesterday was National “Grab Some Nuts” Day,  and it seems appropriate to highlight some of the benefits of one of the most delicious nutritional powerhouses out there. Nuts are a crunchy, delicious, and satisfying source of healthy fats with countless health perks. Although there are several different kinds of nuts,… MORE>

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Fish and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These days, it seems like people soak up health claims faster than a sponge soaks up water. Under controversy, the use of supplements is one that receives a lot of attention. While overusing some supplements can harm your health, the American Heart Association says taking 3 grams of fish oil… MORE>

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What is Gluten For Goodness Sake?

What the heck is gluten? It’s taking over grocery stores and dining halls alike, it has its own menu at restaurants, and it even comes with a handy label on most processed goods. Students often wonder: Is going gluten-free the first step to halting the “Freshman 15”? With over 2… MORE>

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