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Penn State BuildingExercising during your college years not only helps to combat the stress of school, but also makes you feel good and sets the foundation for a long and active life. Some colleges and universities have limited fitness facilities.  However, Penn State is a leader in making sure that its students have countless options for being physically active. Penn State Fitness offers students a gym membership that allows access to all on-campus gym facilities and to unlimited fitness classes; they allow you to pay for just a semester membership, or you can purchase a membership for the entire year. Unlike most schools, Penn State has four on-campus fitness facilities to accommodate virtually every student’s need.

Rec HallThe main gym, known as Rec Hall, has two full gyms, a weight room and fitness center, fitness classes, squash courts, racquetball courts, and much more. This fitness center features video walls, state-of-the-art equipment, a cardio loft, and a larger lifting area. Students and athletes often frequent Rec Hall, and their location draws in many students on the West side of campus.

Located on the opposite side of campus is the White Building. This building has a full gym that houses most of the fitness classes. The central location makes this gym at Penn State a hot-spot, and offers top quality weight stacks and cardio equipment. Sterling Cahn, Senior Supply Chain Major at Penn State, says, “The White Building offers a great variety of up-to-date fitness equipment. They have everything from standard cardio machines like treadmills to free weights and new innovative machines like the Jacob’s ladder.” This building is also complete with practice rooms and gyms for dancers and different types of sports clubs.

The Fitness Loft caters to cardio enthusiasts and overlooks three indoor pools. Full of the latest cardiovascular equipment, including stairclimbers, elliptical trainers, treadmills, rowing machines, and stationary bikes, this area provides for a smaller and quieter atmosphere for students who want to escape the gym scene when they work out.

The IM Fitness Center was just recently renovated and offers a variety of weight stations and cardio machines. This gym is located right near East Halls, which houses most of the freshman at Penn State. Many athletes also live near the IM Fitness Center and flock here as well. It’s a very convenient location and a great option for incoming freshman.Kickboxing Class

Fitness classes are offered at the White Building, Rec Hall, and the IM Building. Penn State Business Student, Christie Testa, says that, “The program has a many different types of fitness classes- everything from kickboxing to yoga- so you never have to get bored of doing the same thing at the gym everyday.” Penn State Fitness supports healthy student living by offering a competitive and advanced student instructor training program and mentorship opportunities. Students from any major can register to take a 16-week course to learn how to become a Fitness Instructor. A second course focuses on practical application and gives students the skills to be able to teach classes regularly at these gym locations.

When thinking about which college to attend, be sure to check out the campus fitness options if you are interested in staying active. Penn State is doing a fantastic job of supporting a healthy lifestyle for its students. Keep it up, Penn State!

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  1. I was one the fitness instructors from 1995-1998. So happy to see how the program has grown. I learned so much from Jill the director.

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