Winter Workouts

Snowy campusNow that the frigid temperatures of winter have set in, gathering the motivation and energy to brave the wind chill and go outside for some cardio may not happen. Just thinking about putting on layers and layers of thermal clothing seems arduous enough, but then you also have to remember hats, scarves, and gloves. For many people, exercising outside in the winter all bundled up just isn’t as appealing as staying inside in the warmth under a cozy blanket sipping on hot chocolate all day, but there is a solution to your winter workout woos!

Whether it’s fifteen minutes a day, thirty minutes a day, or an hour a day, squeezing in a workout session whenever you can does your body good and helps prevent the “Freshman 15”. You don’t have to go all-out and sprint three miles for your workout, but even simple bodyweight exercises can help to tone your muscles if you follow a daily regimen. If space is a concern,which is often the case in a tiny dorm room or apartment, many of the workouts featured below are suited for small spaces. They work to maximize the benefits of exercise while working within the boundaries of minimal space.

As mentioned earlier, bodyweight exercises are a great way to get your heart pumping and blood flowing without the need for extra equipment. Bodyweight exercises are just that- they are exercises you perform using your own body weight and don’t require additional equipment. Push-ups and tricep dips are excellent bodyweight exercises that target the muscles in your arms. As for the glutes and thighs, squats, high knees, and lunges are some options to target those muscles. When it comes to targething the abdominal muscles, add planks, leg lifts, and moutain climbers to your routine.

The Internet, especially YouTube, can also be a great resource if you’re ever in need of revamping your workout routine. There are troves of great workout videos on YouTube that range from beginner to advanced. These videos are easy to follow along to and if you are the type of person who prefers to be led through a workout, there are many narrated exericise videos.

If you are short on time, the New York Times’ 7 Minute Workout is a feasible and effective option. It does not require any equipment and it is easy to follow. What makes this workout even more appealing is that there is an app that takes you through the entire workout, perfectly timing each exercise so that you can focus on giving it your all instead of worrying about the pesky logistical details. The New York Times recently released and advanced version of the 7 Minute Workout, so if want to switch up your routine, that is another great workout as well.

Exercising in the winter doesn’t have to be a chore. When you take advantage of all the great workout videos and opportunities out there, you will soon find yourself enjoying it and falling into a daily routine that you will be able to maintain.

Michelle Chen is a sophomore at Cornell University majoring in Nutritional Sciences with a concentration in Dietetics. She plans to enter the field of medicine.

Photo Credit: Natalie Kocks, LeighAnn Lorenzetti, Belen Rediet

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