University of Dayton’s Dining Halls: Raising the Bar

U Dayton 2Ranked number 19 in the Princeton Review for ‘best food on campus,’ the University of Dayton’s dining services strive to provide the highest quality of food and customer service to students and employees. Fashioning three all-you-can-eat dining halls, one deli shop and convenience store, and a plethora of restaurants affiliated with the University of Dayton on Brown Street, students, employees and visitors are constantly impressed and pleased with this university’s food service program.

The university works diligently to provide a variety of high quality foods at every dining location. Their three main dining halls, including KU, VWK and Marycrest, offer unique daily specials along with favorite regular hot line options that students love. KU offers some of the most delectable vegetable pizza around, while Marycrest allows students to choose breakfast for dinner once a week! Since each of the university’s dining halls offer different salad bar options, deli lines and hot food specials, the students never get bored and look forward to switching up their meals each day.

Just two years old, one of the most spectacular dining halls on campus is VWK. Set up to mimic a restaurant, this dining hall is far from typical. The ever-changing colorful lights, circular booth and table seating, and prestigious menu options make this dining hall seem like a five star restaurant. A full-fledged sushi bar and buffet Mongolian line are two unique meal options available in VWK at the University of Dayton. Daniel Tierney, an incoming junior at the university, indulged in the Mongolian line up to twice a week freshmen year, adorning his plate with Gorgonzola beans, baby carrots, fresh spinach and water chestnuts. He says, “Dayton’s dining halls are nothing like the dining halls my friends talk about. I feel like we are very lucky to have such great food options that are fresh and modern. And I really love that I can indulge in crab meat in the Mongolian line.”

Moreover, Dayton has implemented various programs and tidbits to tidy up the nutrition factor of the dining halls. To begin with, KU dining hall displays a gigantic salad bar with a variety of exotic vegetables. These vegetables are complimented with exquisite veggies and unique protein sources like broccoli, quinoa, Gorgonzola beans, black beans, pea pods, tofu, sprouts and beats among many others. This movement allows students to access a variety of healthful foods to eat plain, dip in hummus or add to a lunch salad. Furthermore, students are noticing small changes in the dining halls as well. Maggie Mckenna, a junior at the University of Dayton, noted, “the dining hall pasta bars started serving whole grain pasta as an option and implemented a frozen yogurt machine to help steer students and faculty in a healthy direction.” Finally, students on campus are being proactive and taking measures to make the dining halls more nutritious and the students more knowledgeable. A student run organization on campus, Dayton Student Dietetic Association, surveys students on campus to find out what they want in their dining halls. This past year, they discovered a high amount of students had Celiac Disease or gluten intolerances and asked the dining halls to begin providing gluten free bread and pasta options. Shortly after their request, the dining halls posted signs to encourage students to ask about their gluten free options. You rock Dayton! Additionally, they monitor the calories of certain hot meal options and post signage at the food stations to suggest healthy alternatives if the calorie content is scarily high, such as trading fried potatoes for cooked broccoli. This organization prides itself on keeping students in the loop while trying to keep the dining halls nutritious.

The next time you’re in Dayton, check out one of the University’s delectable dining halls. Students and employees alike are always creating new recipes to serve and making small changes to ensure healthy meal options are available. With an abundance of scrumptious and nutritious options, you will surely leave feeling pleased… and full of a mouthwatering meal!

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  1. Sam Zalar says:

    Food is good if you plan on spending 25$ a day to get 3 basic meals in. Way over priced, eating healthy will cost a significant amount more as well, when a chicken breast costs more than a cheeseburger or a salad is 6.90$…

    • Faye Berger Mitchell says:

      Eating healthy alway costs more but the savings on your medical bills down the road pays off.

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