The University of Dayton’s RecPlex

At the University of Dayton, health and wellness are emphasized. The campus is pedestrian-friendly and walking or biking is encouraged. All of the dining halls offer salads and nutritious options, making it easy for students to eat healthy meals while away at college. There are also many organizations like the running club, intramural sports, CHAARG (Changing Health, Attitudes, and Actions To Recreate Girls) and a triathlon team that help students stay active while having fun. One of the easiest ways to get moving at Dayton is by going to the university’s gymnasium. The University of Dayton’s Campus Recreational Complex is a 125, 470 sq. ft. state of the art facility. Known to the students as “The RecPlex”, this facility has more to offer than the standard university gym. With its group fitness classes, 200m track, rock climbing wall and so much more, the RecPlex offers something for everyone!

Students at The University of Dayton take advantage of all the RecPlex has to offer. On the first floor there is a pool, hot tub, basketball and racquetball courts, and a rock climbing wall. The RecPlex offers equipment rentals to make it easier for students to participate in these activities. Not only does the RecPlex offer equipment like basketballs or racquetball rackets, it also has bikes that students can rent for the day and explore the city of Dayton. This helps students add variety to their workout regimen by taking it outside!

On the second floor of the RecPlex there are two studios for group fitness classes. Many students take advantage of the classes offered, like spinning, Zumba, and yoga class. The classes are not only rewarding to those who take them, but also to those teaching them. Alyssa Manzione, a SPINNING ® instructor says, “My favorite thing about teaching SPINNING® at the RecPlex is being able to provide participants with a time and place to let go and sweat it out.” She adds, “as a student, spinning has provided me with a much needed opportunity to slip away into my own zone, utilizing the mind-body connection that is the foundation of the SPINNING ® Program. I love teaching at the RecPlex in particular because it allows me to share that same opportunity with as many other students as I can, especially since anyone at any fitness level can participate, regardless of coordination or athletic ability”. The classes are more than a just a workout to the students, they are a way to connect as a community and encourage each other in an athletic environment.

The third floor of the RecPlex is where most of the students work out. This floor offers many options for strength  and cardiovascular training. There are weight machines, free weights of all different sizes, body bars and stability balls. In addition to the weights, many cardio machines are available, including ellipticals, arc trainers, treadmills and stair climbers. The third floor also includes the 200 meter track that has four lanes for walking and running. Students love the plethora of options available which allow them to explore different ways to exercise.

The RecPlex truly makes The University of Dayton stand out when it comes to college recreational facilities and gymnasiums. It has so much to offer and is constantly being updated to give students the most rewarding experience. Its versatile options make it optimal to be used by students, as well as by faculty and staff.  Plus, it’s located centrally on campus so that it can be easily accessed. The University of Dayton’s RecPlex makes it simple and fun to stay active while in college!

Photo Credit: Natalie Senninger

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