The Craze With Crazy Road Races

warrior dash

Whatever happened to the good old traditional road races? The Thanksgiving 5k’s and Christmas Jingle Bell runs have been replaced with crazy road races adorned with mud trenches, lavishing powder colors and giant monkey bars. Why are so many people participating in these challenging, crazy road races? To some, running a race is quite unappealing. However, these races tend to attract all sorts of people and sell out faster than your personal best 10k race time.these ra exhilarating atmosphere or stimulating obstacles that challenge people to achieve tasks they never thought possible, and it’s always a plus to have fun while exercising. Here are a few popular wacky road races that you might consider trying.

The Color Run: Beware, you will leave more colorful than ever before and you will have way too much fun. This four mile race presents a fun t-shirt and a tremendous amount of color. Encouraging you to spritz a bit of water on yourself, volunteers at the Color Run throw a certain type of colorful powder at various locations along the course. The powder sticks to the water to make you one colorful being! Often times, it is common to see people rolling on the ground to soak up the most color. You don’t have to be a competitive runner to participate in this race, and most people really enjoy its splendor. Best of all, at the end of the race, they hold a concert and give everyone a packet of color to throw in the air on cue. Everyone leaves just as colorful as they feel.

The Spartan Run: Originating in thepicturesque hills of Vermont, the Spartan Race was created to excite people with an obstacle course race. Encouraging you to channel your inner Spartan, they offer a 3, 8 and 12-mile race. Anyone can participate, and everyone should definitely try it out. Complete with mud, water and unique obstacles, it is certainly a challenge but that is part of the attraction. Challenge yourself to climb those haystacks and swing across those monkey bars for a completely satisfying experience. You’ll have fun channeling your inner Spartan while reaping the benefits of fun exercise.

The Warrior Dash: Unleashed in 2009, the Warrior Dash is one of the largest and most well-known obstacle course races. After recognizing a need for a fun, yet challenging, way to stay healthy or get fit, the Warrior Dash features spectacular obstacles like the Goliath, Alcatraz and Deadman’s Drop. While their names sound intimidating, once again, anyone can participate and enjoy these unique wonders. Liz VanOstenberg, a junior at Purdue University completed the warrior dash and exclaimed, “The warrior dash was the hardest thing I ever completed. But it was a ton of fun and I encourage everyone to try it out. It will challenge you beyond belief, and that’s what makes it so thrilling!” Channel your inner warrior and participate in this exhilarating race!

Tough Mudder: Last but not least is the Tough Mudder. Known as one of the “toughest” races on the planet, this race is nothing short of elating. If mud completely disgusts you, stay away from this race. Whether you’re diving through the sewage outlet, swimming through the underwater tunnels or tackling the trench warfare, you will get covered in mud. It’s part of the reason so many people sprint to sign up for this race. Thriving on the adrenaline rush this race provides, people love completing a race deemed one of the hardest on the entire planet. When you cross the line 12 miles later, you will pride yourself on your achievement…and possibly topple over. However, you will get back up, because you are now one of the toughest people on the planet.

The craze with these crazy road races is that they provide people with challenging obstacles and fun colors to give people a fun, exciting way to exercise and stay healthy. More and more of these unique crazy road races will continue to emerge, so grab your shoes and pick your favorite crazy race.



Photo Credit: Michelle Baker, Stefani Pappas

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