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Thanksgiving History

The first Thanksgiving dinner at Plymouth Colony in 1621 started one of America’s favorite holidays to share gratitude and appreciate the important people in our lives. Almost 400 years separate the original Thanksgiving meal form our modern day Thanksgiving, so the holiday and all of its traditions have evolved over… MORE>

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Quick Facts About Quick Bread

  While you may have never heard the term quick bread, chances are you have certainly enjoyed it in your lifetime. The short definition of a quick bread is that it is a bread that uses something other than yeast or eggs as a leavening agent, cutting down on the… MORE>

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Mind, Body, Soul


What makes a person “picky”? Is it fear? or stubbornness! NO it’s supertasting! There is nothing wrong with being “picky,” and there are many outside factors that contribute to picky eating. However, if you are someone who is often called a picky eater by your friends and family, you might… MORE>

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Thanksgiving Appetizers

In the U.S., Thanksgiving is often an all-day event filled with lots of family, food, and for some, football. Every family has their own traditions from the time the feast is served, what dishes are prepared, who carves the turkey and more. Lots of families begin their meal with appetizers… MORE>

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Happy National Dessert Day!

Nothing compares to biting into a warm, chewy brownie or scooping cookie dough ice cream on top of apple pie. Practically everyone loves dessert and it is even some people’s favorite part of a meal. October 14th the most spectacular days of the year. Revering all the wonderful desserts that… MORE>

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Campus Shout-Outs

University of Dayton’s Dining Halls: Raising the Bar

University of Dayton’s Dining Halls: Raising the Bar

Ranked number 19 in the Princeton Review for ‘best food on campus,’ the University of Dayton’s dining services strive to provide the highest quality of food and customer service to students and employees. Fashioning three all-you-can-eat dining halls, one deli shop and convenience store, and a plethora of restaurants affiliated… MORE>

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