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At Saint Louis University, there are plenty of healthy on-campus dining options to choose from. Whether you spend most of your time on the medical campus or on the main campus, try these nutritious dining options to please your taste buds. An added bonus, students can use their flex points at all of the dinning options below!

Terra Ve
If you are in the mood for a vegetarian-style meal, Terra Ve is the place for you! This vegetarian café is conveniently located next to the main dorm building at SLU. Terra Ve offers a variety of build-your-own vegetarian wraps with many fresh veggies, beans, lentils and hummus as choices. Not hungry for a wrap? No worries! Terra Ve also offers hot food options, such as vegetable lasagna with broccoli, vegetarian flat bread, or lentil soup. Students can also stay hydrated and sip on the fresh fruit-infused water at Terra Ve. Oh, and don’t forget to grab a piece of fresh fruit on your way out the door.

Au Bon Pain
Looking for a place with a bit more variety? Try Au Bon Pain (ABP) in the Student Center! This dinning option offers fresh café sandwiches and salads. There are also plenty of healthy soups to choose from. Pair your soup with a whole-grain baguette for a healthy, filling meal. For students in a hurry, ABP offers pre-packed fruit cups to grab on the go, as well as hummus with veggies. Students can also grab Greek yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit and granola for a quick, protein-packed snack. Morgan, a junior public health major at SLU, says, “The best part about ABP is that that there are healthy snacks to-go, and the pre-packaged fruit is delicious!”

Looking for a healthy place to eat on the medical campus?

Fresh Gatherings Café is a terrific healthy option. Located in the Allied Health Building, Fresh Gatherings serves locally grown produce and meats. The café is run partly by dietetic students and a pastry chef who bakes fresh bread for the sandwiches each day. Kristi, a sophomore physical therapy student at SLU loves Fresh Gatherings and says that it is “a healthy, convenient place to eat if you are always on the med campus.” Whether you are in the mood for a sandwich with high quality meat on freshly baked bread or a hot meal, Fresh Gatherings will not disappoint. Choose your own meat and veggies for a sandwich, explore the salad and soup bar, or enjoy the hot meal prepared by the dietetic students.

SLU students cannot go wrong with any of the dinning options above! They all serve delicious foods to help students stay healthy and focused throughout the day. Students often complain that there are no healthy options on campus, but that is far from the truth!

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