Quick Facts About Quick Bread


While you may have never heard the term quick bread, chances are you have certainly enjoyed it in your lifetime. The short definition of a quick bread is that it is a bread that uses something other than yeast or eggs as a leavening agent, cutting down on the prep time as compared to regular bread.  Some popular quick breads are banana bread, pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, and cornbread, to name a few.

When you think about it, these tasty treats are prominently featured in almost every coffee shop you walk into, usually offered as a breakfast option.  While these breads are delicious and are often prepared with healthy ingredients, they are not always the best choice for breakfast because they are typically high in refined sugar and fat, but low in protein and fiber.  However, there are some simple swaps you can make when baking your own quick breads to make them a more sustainable breakfast or snack option.

  • Instead of sour cream, mayo, or cream cheese, use equal parts plain Greek yogurt
  • Replace every 1 cup of oil for ¾ cup of plain Greek yogurt
  • For every cup of butter, use ¼ cup plain Greek yogurt and ½ cup butter
  • Use 2/3 cup plain Greek yogurt and ¼ cup buttermilk for every 1 cup buttermilk
  • Use ½ cup applesauce and ½ cup butter or oil for every 1 cup of butter or oil
  • Use 1 cup mashed banana for every cup oil or butter
  • Sub equal parts evaporated skim milk for heavy cream
  • Add in ½ cup of your favorite nuts into your quick bread to add more protein and give you more energy

With the holidays quickly approaching, quick breads will be popping up at family brunches and gatherings, so why not try making your own healthy version with these easy substitutions?  That way, if you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, you won’t hesitate to pop some into the toaster oven and spread a tab of butter on it for breakfast.  Need some ideas? Check out some of the quick bread recipes on the Foodie on Campus Pinterest board.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Collins, FBM

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