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motivationalquote1Quotes are a very powerful art form—They can pick us up when we are down, give us power to look into the future, and find the good in ourselves, completely on our own. The first half of the academic school year is quickly coming to a close. Whether you are planning your courses for next semester, preparing to study abroad, transferring schools, changing majors, or even applying for jobs, many of you could use some motivational words to guide you through a potentially stressful time.

During the school year, it seems as though nothing is constant. You bounce around between your dorm and your childhood home, and you meet various professors throughout the year. The following quote may get you through those times where things begin to feel too new and unfamiliar.  Try to see the comfort in this, and use this quote as a tool for accepting life’s changes:

The only thing constant in life is change.”    Francois de la Rochefocauld

Changes can often bring obstacles to people. Obstacles are a part of everyone’s life. They may feel like a set back, they may make you frustrated and want to quit. But in the words of Randy Pausch, the author of the book The Last Lecture:

“Brick walls are there for a reason, they show us how bad we really want something”

Brick walls symbolize the obstacles that must be overcome to get what you want.  With time, you will come to realize that the brick walls between you and your goals are there as a challenge. They cause you to stop and think. Is it worth it? Do I want this? Can I do this? You prove yourself right after you finally climb that wall and get to your goal.

It is natural to imagine your future a certain way, and it’s normal to get frustrated when these envisions don’t happen the way we expect them to. Many students go into school without a major in mind. They may be open to many opportunities, but are lacking that passion for that specific field of study they are looking for. The best things in life happen with time, and with this said:

“Trust the timing of your life.” -Joel Osteen

It may take a little extra time to find those experiences that makes everything click in terms of loving what you study. Things may not work out exactly how and when you want them to, but that is okay. You will get there no matter how far away it seems. Time can work as a tool to help you learn about yourself and what you excel at most.

When wrapping up an old chapter and starting a new one, whether that be a new semester or a new career, keep your goals in focus and give yourself some time to get there. Sometimes just few words to keep in the back of your mind is all you need when pushing through stressful times. On days where you may seem exponentially far from your goal, think of the great things you have already accomplished, and trust yourself to achieve the next one.

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