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People running in the autumn raceThere is nothing worse than stepping outside to exercise and realizing your legs are in danger of frostbite. As the weather continues to get colder, it becomes increasingly difficult to decide what to wear outside during your workouts. Do you need to bundle up in a winter coat, or will an insulated long sleeve shirt and head wrap suffice? Layering for fitness in the chillier months can be tricky, but it is certainly possible to dress accordingly. The following tips will help you remain comfortable, no matter how far the temperatures plummet!

First of all, remember that everyone’s body operates differently at the same temperature levels. While some people feel extremely cold at 50 degrees, others will thrive wearing shorts and a light jacket. Testing your body out by wearing two or three different outfits within similar temperature ranges will help you understand when your body flourishes in various temperatures. This will allow you to figure out what feels most comfortable during your outdoor activities. Maybe you enjoy being a little cooler while exercising and merely need a long sleeve shirt with a pair of shorts. However, you might feel that long sleeves, pants and fashion ear warmers work best for you. It is perfectly fine not to wear the exact same thing as your running buddy, but it is important to gain a feel for how many layers you need to stay in your comfort zone.

For really chilly temperatures, it is essential to dress in layers. If you are not dressed properly, you run the risk of getting frostbite. If you are an avid outside fitness lover, dressing for extremely cold environments can be difficult or seem like a hassle. However, it is essential to layer up to avoid harmful situations. Most importantly, in extremely cold conditions, most body parts should be covered. This means leggings, long sleeves, jackets, hats, facemasks, gloves and scarves are a necessity. Layering your clothing combining all of this gear will protect you from freezing temperatures, allowing you to stay warm and succeed.

Have fun while layering for fitness. Instead of stressing about what to wear, think of it as picking out a spectacular outfit for an upcoming special event. Some people actually like the idea of picking out different clothing to fashion in the cold, and we can learn a thing or two from these types of people. With all of the cool and fun prints of leggings and vivid hat and jacket colors available, layering can channel your inner fashionista. Check out sports magazines and research the most popular fitness gear to complete your layered look and WOW your friends when you strut the most useful layered clothing. Fitness should be fun, and dressing for it in less than optimal temperatures can be too.

While colder temperatures present various challenges in terms of dressing for fitness, layering appropriately can be accomplished. Always keep in mind your own unique body, the necessities like face warmers, hats and gloves in freezing temperatures and the creativeness that accompanies layering. Following these tips will keep you comfortable and warm during your outside fitness fun.

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