How to Host A Cookie Exchange

Tomorrow is National Cookie Day just in time for the holidays! Cookies are extremely popular during the holiday season, but they are loved all year round as one of America’s favorite treats. Everyone has their personal favorite, but Oreos come in first for America’s favorite store-bought cookie and chocolate chip cookies win for the homemade favorite. A fun way to celebrate these delicious treats and share your personal favorite with others is to have a cookie exchange party! Here are simple steps on how to plan one:

  1. Send out an invite to all your cookie-enthusiast friends to get together and enjoy some fun and tasty desserts.
  2. Pick out a cookie recipe that you want to bake and invite your friends to do the same. To make sure nobody is making the same cookie, have your friends include their choice when they RSVP!
  3. Make sure each person bakes at least the same number of cookies as people attending the party. Make sure to remind them to bring a printed copy of the recipe for each attendee.
  4. Have everyone come to the party with their cookies, recipes, and an empty container to take home the cookies they exchange.
  5. Have everyone pass around their cookies and recipes. Another option is to have each participant place their platter of cookies with the accompanying recipe on a buffet table. Everyone can then grab a cookie and a recipe from each platter.

This is a fun way to try some new cookies you haven’t tasted before and maybe even find a new favorite. You can do this anytime of the year, but it is especially fun during the holiday season. Play holiday music in the background, have everyone dress up in holiday apparel, or even require the cookie to be holiday-themed!  If you want to make this into a friendly competition, have everyone vote on their favorite cookie by taste and by presentation. The winner can get a small gift, like a cookie cutter or measuring cup set, for his or her prize!

If you are living in the dorms, it’s easiest to plan the party for over winter break with friends back home. This is a great way to get everyone together and catch up with friends you might not have seen for a while.  Whether you host one at school or back home, a cookie exchange party is bound to be a fun and delicious way to celebrate National Cookie Day!

Natalie Senninger is a third year Dietetics major at The University of Dayton. She plans to become a Registered Dietitian.

Photo Credit: Michelle Przybilla

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