Habits of Fit People

carrot bunchesYou are enjoying the beautiful weather by relaxing on the beach, when you see a very fit woman running along the water. You think to yourself, “What’s her secret? How does she have so much energy and look so healthy?” Many people envy those fit people who seem to embrace living a healthy lifestyle. However, being fit isn’t as hard as it may seem; learning to love and make healthy habits part of your life is the key to becoming a fit person. It’s always a great time to focus on your health and incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine. Instead of just sticking to these habits for the summer, try making practical changes that you can sustain for life. Here are a few common habits of fit people that you can consider adding into your daily regimen.

1)    Mix It Up: Biking five miles every day is certainly great for keeping you physically active, but your body can get easily used to this and your mind can get pretty bored. The key to lifelong health changes is to mix things up and make them enjoyable! Try going for a run one day with friends, or trying a dance class at the gym instead of the usual bike ride. Changing things up and challenging your body in different athletic ways will keep your body guessing and keep your mind sharp!

2)    Eat Most Meals From Home: Eating at restaurants and fancy parties is a great luxury, but eating meals away from your home can reduce your awareness of the calories and ingredients that are in the food. Plus, when you eat at home, you know exactly what you used to prepare your meal and what you are putting into your body. Instead of eating out with friends, invite them over for a healthy dinner or suggest doing something active such as going for a hike or bike ride. You can still have a great time with friends without sacrificing your healthy efforts.

3)    Get Creative With Vegetables: Many fit people embrace the unique characteristics of vegetables and add them into their meals whenever they can. Vegetables help to increase the nutrient profile of a dish and also help to boost the fiber intake. Add diced veggies into a morning omelette, pack a bag of baby carrots with a scoop of hummus, or add grilled vegetables to your dinner. Not only will this help you feel full and add more nutrients into your diet, but it will also let you get creative in the kitchen and fuel that inner chef.

4)    Focus On Ingredients: Instead of being consumed by calories and fat on food labels, check out the ingredient list first. Focus on the quality of food you are eating and stick to whole, real ingredients that will fuel your body. Avoid artificial flavorings and unhealthy products, and stick to minimally processed items with wholesome ingredients.

5)    Think Positive: If you dread eating healthy and working out, you likely will not perform at your best. Instead of thinking about what you will lose by not indulging in unhealthy habits, think about the strength, confidence and vibrancy you will gain from your healthy actions.

6)    Get Your Zzz’s: Sleep is one of the biggest health secrets; not only does sleep help repair muscles, but it also restores energy and helps you start your day on a healthy note. As a busy college student who is studying and working hard all day, it’s important not to neglect your sleep. Commit to shutting down electronics and distractions at least one half hour before bed so you can have a peaceful evening. Sleep is also connected with stronger immunity, healthy metabolism, and curbing cravings, so be sure to get your zzz’s in to recover from the long days.

7)    It’s All About A Feeling: While living a healthy lifestyle will certainly reap outside benefits, it is important to think about what a healthy life can do for you internally. Not only are you improving your body, but you are also working on your mind, body and soul. Superficial goals will only take you so far; moreover, focus on a feeling of better confidence, refreshment, and positivity and you will find it much easier to sustain your healthy habits.

You too can be a healthy and fit person if you make small changes every day. Try out these tips and see what works best for you. Adapting these simple tips into your everyday life will leave you feeling healthier and prouder.

Photo Credit: Paige Swint, Emily Carlo, FBM

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