Grad Gifts to Fight Freshman 15

While the Freshman 15 might be a myth (most students gain about 5-7 pounds), there is no question that many college students’ eating habits take a nosedive as soon as they hit campus and some weight gain is common. Chalk it up to buffet style dining halls with unlimited access to food during mealtime, late night pizza deliveries, binge drinking and even the learning curve of figuring out how to eat healthy and stay well.

Worried about the Freshman 15? Want to fuel properly for your sport? Concerned with making sure you are eating fairly nutritiously now that mom or dad won’t be stocking the fridge and pantry? My top 3 strategies are making sure to eat breakfast, stocking healthy snacks, and eating 3 meals per day. These graduation gifts are sure to be a hit with the added benefit of helping your freshman eat well on campus and fight the freshman 15.

Breakfast Bonanza

One great breakfast option is overnight oats. Put together an overnight oats gift basket and toss in a mason jar, oatmeal, a variety of shelled unsalted nuts and dried fruits, some freeze dried fruit and a spoon. This inexpensive yet practical gift will certainly make an impression.

Smoothies make for a quick breakfast on the go that can be packed with fruits, veggies and protein, so why not give the gift of smoothies. If you have a larger gift budget, the NutriBullet Pro makes an awesome gift and we have a discount for you. Use this link for a $30 discount plus free shipping!

Let’s Do Lunch

Skipping meals, which can lower your metabolism, is common for busy college students. Lunch is often overlooked, particularly if classes are scheduled close together and not near the dining halls. Some smaller schools may not have grab and go options easily available either. The solution is simple; pack a lunch. Purchase a funky lunch tote and stuff it with an ice pack, food storage containers and reusable utensils for a fun foodie gift. Another option is to forgo the lunch box and give a selection of food storage containers that can be tucked into a backpack.

Super Snacks

Students are bound to get hungry when the dining halls are not open and of course during late night study sessions. Taking the time to snack smart by stocking the dorm room with nutritious options can potentially prevent the late night pizza or insomniac cookie orders (of course once in a while, go for it). Options such as cereal and milk, baby carrots and hummus, or tortillas and shredded Mexican cheese are a few ideas. In order to snack smart, though, your room must be equipped with the needed tools. Put together a basket of dorm room foodie essentials including storage containers, one plastic plate and bowl (microwave safe), one set of silverware, a dish sponge that holds the detergent, a mug, a small cutting board with knife, and a water bottle.

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