Going Veggie or Vegan? The Perfect Holiday Gift!

IMG_0647Do you have a friend or loved one who wants to become vegan or vegetarian? Do you know a vegetarian who avoids meat and meat products but subsists on junk food? If so, The Smart Girl’s Guide to Becoming Vegetarian is the perfect foodie holiday gift! This book, written by Rachel Meltzer Warren, MS, RDN, is truly a guide to help simplify the process of becoming a vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian (someone who eats animal products occasionally), and even the “veg curious”.

What I love about this book is the message of flexibility rather than fanaticism. It encourages you to make decisions based on your lifestyle and beliefs. It teaches that there is no right or wrong way of vegetarianism and that the labels truly don’t matter. A thought-provoking quiz titled “How Veg Is Your Head” will help you determine how hardcore you are about your choices and help you figure out what approach is best for you.

Warren emphasizes eating real food rather than using powders, potions and pills to get the nutrition you need. The book provides advice on the potential pitfalls of going veg, such as not getting enough protein, calcium, iron and many other nutrients. Solutions are given with specific examples of what to eat to make sure you don’t skimp on nutrition. Notable sections include tips for dining out and simple delicious recipes. Best of all, there is an excellent discussion on how to find a Veg-friendly college!

There really are not enough credible resources for young people who want to explore a more plant-based lifestyle and The Smart Girl’s Guide to Going Vegetarian a breath of fresh air. The book can be ordered on amazon (https://amzn.to/1zh4gyw), so what are you waiting for? Order a copy for your favorite veg-head today!

These opinions are my own; I did receive a free copy of the book for review.

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