Fun Fitness: Group Workouts

Feeling bored with your current workout regimen or looking for a way to get motivated to workout? Instead of working out solo, invite some friends to join along! Most people know that exercise is incredibly important for health, but sometimes it can feel impossible to muster up the motivation or make the time to hit the gym. Student life is so packed with academic responsibilities that it can feel perfectly reasonable to blow off working out. However, exercise can be extremely helpful in managing the stresses of college life.

Working out for just thirty minutes a day can lower stress levels, increase brain activity, and help maintain a healthy weight. A foolproof way to prevent workouts from feeling like a dull chore, and to fit them into a busy schedule, is to plan group workouts. Exercising with friends is far more entertaining than trotting along on a treadmill. Group workouts fun, and they hold you accountable to join in, keeping you off the proverbial couch.

Here are four fun workout ideas to get your group fitness going:


Yoga is a versatile group workout that can be done anywhere. If it’s a beautiful day out, try rolling out your mats on the grass. After just one session, yoga can lower stress and increase flexibility. If you need help getting started with this fantastic group workout search online for videos to guide you.


Dancing is an intense, yet fun form of cardio. Blast some of your favorite tunes, and don’t be afraid to look silly! You’ll be working up a sweat in no time. The best part about dancing is that you can do it anywhere, even in a cramped dorm room!


If your school is close to any state parks or trails, invite some friends to go for a hike. Getting in touch with nature is extremely therapeutic, calming us at a primal level. Hiking will help you relax and it’s also a great cardio workout, which is helpful in maintaining a healthy weight.

Walking or Running

Start your own running or walking club! Coordinate days with your friends and gradually extend your routes. Don’t feel bad about starting off with slowly; as your body adjusts to more frequent aerobic exercise, you will naturally increase your speed. Running and race-walking are both excellent ways to de-stress after studying for class, and increased oxygen delivered to the brain will help keep your mind in great shape.

With all these options there are no excuses. Grab your gear and a bottle of water, phone a friend or three and get moving.

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