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cornell dairyAs I settle in to a new school year, I can’t help but think about where I was a year ago. Admittedly a bit anxious about both of my daughters entering their freshman years at new schools, one a college freshman the other a high school freshman, I braced myself for new territory. I had also closed my private practice after 26 years and was trying to figure out my next chapter. Change is good, right?

For years I had entertained the idea of writing a book to share my expertise on healthy eating in college. In my private practice I helped hundreds, if not thousands, of college bound students take the guesswork out of college eating. I am very familiar with the food challenges students face when heading off to college,  unfortunately though, books are falling by the wayside. College students in particular turn to online sources for information. I decided to take my knowledge to the Internet, thus Foodie On Campus was born!

Flash forward to the present, both of my daughters are settled into their respective schools as sophomores and Foodie On Campus is growing and thriving! We have managed to publish over 100 high quality, informative, science based articles with student interns writing and editing the articles, taking the photos and doing all things social media. We had 14 interns in the spring, and many stayed for our summer team, which grew to include 20 interns! We have put together our fall team of 21  interns and they hit the ground running!  Not only has our staff grown, but so has our site. We experienced 228% growth of our page-views from May to July. Not bad for a new site!

So, what’s next for Foodie On Campus? Of course we will continue to post our daily articles bringing our readers the latest in food, fitness, health and simple recipes. We are even planning some social media events such as Twitter chats and Instagram contests. Our biggest challenge, honestly, is to fund the site. As Editor-In-Chief, I plan to solicit advertising and sponsorship. I promise, however, not to “sell out” but instead,  promote products and services that are in line with my philosophy and Foodie On Campusguiding principles. While I do not have strict rules or specific guidelines for advertisers (remember I’m not a rule follower ), I will only promote products and services that, in my professional opinion, align with a healthy lifestyle and healthy living in college. Foodie On Campus will continue to help you cut through the confusion and provide solid, sound nutrition and fitness information along with easy, practical solutions for eating well, feeling great, and staying healthy on campus. Follow Foodie on Campus to fuel your body and feed your brain!






Photo: My girls having fun at the Cornell Dairy. We are definitely an ice cream family!

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