Great Foodie Gifts for High School Grads

Foodie gifts


Let’s face it, most college-bound students worry about the dreaded Freshman 15. Rather than worry, take control. Add these foodie gifts to your wish list so you can eat healthy on campus.


  1. Food Containers
    1. College students thrive on leftovers, which make food containers a must-have item on the foodie graduation list. Containers are great for saving leftovers for a meal or mid-night snack. They can also be used to pack healthy snacks, like cereal, pretzels, or trailmix, for when you’re in a bind for time! Get your grad an assortment of containers that are microwave safe and fit well inside a mini fridge.
  2. Keurig Coffee Maker
    1. Whether you’re the type of person who needs a little help waking up in the morning or during a late night study session, owning a coffee machine during your college years can be a lifesaver. Keurig coffee machines are great because they are quick and brew only one cup so you don’t have to waste caffeine, time, or money. In addition to coffee, this machine makes tea, hot cocoa, hot apple cider, chai lattes, lemonade, and other iced drinks.
  3. Microwave Egg Maker
    1. As a college student, you may often find yourself opting for those 10 extra minutes of sleep instead of taking the time to find breakfast. Microwave egg makers are a creative way to save time and prepare a hot, hearty breakfast right in your dorm room or apartment. Eat it on a whole wheat English muffin sandwich to-go so that you can stay focused in class!
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