Foodie Dorm Essentials

With so many unique products on the market, shopping for your dorm room can be a really fun experience. Many stores design and sell an entire line of products specifically for college students and there are products for just about any function you can think of. The Container Store, known for all it has to offer in terms of organization, also sells a wide range of helpful foodie tools and gadgets. In order to stay organized with your food supplies in your dorm room, proper storage is important. Among all the products in the store, these five essentials stand out to complete your college dorm room.


  1. Fruit Basket: This unique item is both functional and decorative. If your dining halls allow students to take a piece of fruit with them before leaving, or if you can get to the grocery store to stock up, a fruit basket is a great way to store your fruit. Students living in dorm rooms with lofted beds can hang a fruit basket from the bottom of their beds, or from a hook in the kitchen. The Container Store sells a three tier fruit basket that holds up to 10 pounds. This organizational tool can be used to store other items besides fruit, such as granola bars, single serve coffee cups or even scarves.
  2. Soap Dispensing Dish Scrubber: To make cleaning dishes easier, purchase a soap dispensing dish scrubber. When you live in a dorm room, you will probably only be washing one or two dishes at a time. This tool, which you can find at The Container Store or most grocery stores, is convenient to clean your cereal bowl or coffee mug in the morning before class. It combines the soap and scrubbing tool in one to conserve storage space and maintain organization.
  3. Multi Drawer Storage Tower: Make a miniature pantry for your dorm room by purchasing a three or four-drawer plastic storage tower. These are widely versatile for food products ranging from oatmeal packets to peanut butter to tea bags. The Container Store sells these stacked drawers in a multitude of colors to match your dorm room’s color scheme.
  4. Food Storage Containers: Having several plastic food storage containers in your dorm room is helpful for packing your lunch or storing food in the refrigerator. As you can imagine, The Container Store offers lots of food storage containers in all shapes and sizes. There are sandwich shaped containers, single serve salad dressing containers and soup containers, to name a few. It is useful to make sure the containers are microwave safe for heating up your morning oatmeal or prepackaged soup mixes and warming your leftover dinner.
  5. Dry Erase Board: A fun item to add to your shopping cart is a small dry erase board. These can be used to keep track of grocery lists or to plan a packed lunch. Dry erase boards can also be helpful for keeping a to-do list visible at your desk as you complete school work. This tool is useful for a wide range of tasks and The Container Store offers them in several colors.

The resources you have available in your dorm can be integral in deciding which meal plan to purchase as well as helping to prepare you for nutritious eating throughout college. Use them to your benefit!

Photo Credit: Anna Lawler

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