Five Winter Warm-ups

SONY DSCWith freezing temperatures and bone-chilling wind sweeping the nation, finding ways to stay warm in the winter can be a challenge. Eating certain foods or adding movement to warm you up throughout the day are two of the best ways to beat the cold. Check out these “winter warmers” to keep you going until spring!

  • Tea, Coffee, or Hot Chocolate- Drinking a hot beverage is an easy way to warm up. Start your day with coffee, try some herbal tea after lunch, and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate for dessert after dinner to make your way through the day. Instead of reaching for your usual glass of cold water, enjoy some warm water with lemon.
  • Oatmeal- There’s no better breakfast in the winter than a steaming bowl of steel cut oats! Throw in some warm almond milk or dried fruit for added flavor.
  • Soup- It is no surprise that the best selling item on restaurant menus in the winter is soup. Choosing soup for lunch or dinner not only warms you up but can also be a great way to get your beans, vegetables, and other healthy foods.
  • Spicy Food- Enjoying spicy foods such as Thai or Indian meals can also help you stay warm in the winter. These dishes, often made with cumin, cayenne pepper, or curry, stimulate your body and can warm you from the inside out!
  • Daily Exercise- Aside from the many foods and drinks you can choose from to beat the cold weather, fitting in a workout can turn up your internal heat by kicking your metabolism into gear. Most college campuses offer indoor exercise classes for free or discounted rates and have plenty of treadmills and machines for a quick visit to the gym. Take advantage of these opportunities to sweat and help your body warm up.

Lizzie McManus is a first year graduate student at Drexel University pursuing her M.S. in Human Nutrition. She plans to become a registered dietitian specializing in plant-based and whole foods nutrition.

Photo Credit: Belen Rediet, FBM

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