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Now that fall is here, it’s time to pick crisp apples, search for the perfect pumpkin and enjoy the cooler weather. Furthermore, Fall is a great time to enjoy unique and delicious foods. Whether your family makes the perfect pumpkin bread or bakes a heavenly apple pie, fall foods are a luxury no one should have to live without. Here is a list of some of the most delicious fall foods!

Caramel Apples – Did you know there are over 7,000 different types of apples in the world? All the better, caramel apples offer a delectable treat that retains some nutritional value. The fiber in apples is a staple for everyone’s diet, and the caramel and added tidbits, like sprinkles or nuts, on many caramel apples make each caramel apple unique.  Because the caramel is high in sugar, try cutting up your own apple and dipping it in caramel to make a healthier treat. This way, you can enjoy this fall treat and still eat it as a healthy snack!

Chili – A must-have for Thursday night football games, chili is another classic fall food.  Anything from barbecue sauce to cinnamon to brown sugar is added to really amp up the flavors. Moreover, this classic fall food can also offer various nutritional benefits.  Using lean ground turkey and black beans to add protein makes this fall food a nutritional delight. A spin on classic soups, chili is sure ways to dive into fall eating a warm, nutritious satisfying meal.

Pumpkin Bread – We can’t discuss fall foods without mentioning pumpkin bread . A warm dessert or early breakfast, it is great for any occasion. High in fiber, potassium and beta-carotene, it’s the pumpkin added to this bread that provide the health benefits. Thus, watch portion sizes of pumpkin bread and enjoy enjoy it in moderation throughout the fall. Still, pumpkin is a great addition to the fall foods list.

Sweet Potatoes – This vegetable is amongst the most nutritious foods in the vegetable kingdom. Packed with calcium, potassium, and vitamins A and C, they make a great side for any fall meal. Enjoy sweet potatoes with chicken and asparagus, or alongside a stir-fry to incorporate variety and more nutrition into your meals. The easiest way to cook sweet potatoes is to bake them in the oven. This requires little preparation, so it is the perfect vegetable for busy college students! This incredibly versatile vegetable is truly the perfect fall food.

Apple Cider – Last but not least, apple cider is the epitome of fall foods. This staple at every pumpkin patch or apple orchard is a sweet treat to enjoy. After you pick the roundest pumpkin in the patch, treat yourself to a sweet treat at the patch’s apple store. If you’re at home, drink a glass of cider with some almonds on the side or with some carrots and hummus for variety. Be sure to drink this in moderation, however, because cider does contain a considerable amount of sugar! Nonetheless, apple cider captures the essence of fall while providing a sweet treat.

Try these fall foods to add a few sweet treats or additions to nutritious meals. When you think “fall”, these are definitely some of the foods that come to mind, and no hayride, pumpkin patch or Halloween party is complete without including at least one of these  scrumptious foods.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Collins

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