Ditch The Dieting - Today Is No Diet Day!

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Temperatures are rising now that spring is here, which means that countless students are desperate to lose their winter weight and achieve that iconic “bikini body” or “washboard abs” in time for summer. For many students, the go-to method of shedding extra pounds is to follow a fad diet. From raw food diets, to juice cleanses or carb-free eating, the weight-loss industry has countless options that claim to provide a quick fix for excess weight. Despite all of those ads you read in magazines or hear on TV, diets unfortunately are ineffective and often detrimental. Below are a few of the problems with most popular fad diets.

Restriction Leads to Binging

Most diets promote some form of restriction. Often, the list of foods to avoid is larger than those allowed, so dieters have to give up foods that they would normally eat. The problem with this is it sets an unrealistic standard of constant deprivation and often leads to inadequate nourishment. This, in turn, leads to a breaking point and the dieter eventually binges. When binge eating occurs, the progress towards weight loss goes into a backwards spin.

Weight Yo-Yoing

Most popular diets are marketed as a quick fix, so people typically only follow them for a short period of time, perhaps a month or
two. Although the dieter may lose weight during this time, they eventually go off of their diet and quickly gain all the weight back, if not more. This is because many of the popular diets today demand that unrealistic rules be followed in order to lose weight. When a diet cannot fit into a normal, everyday lifestyle, it is bound to fail.

The sad truth is there are no quick fixes to managing weight. However, there are healthy effective ways to maintain an ideal weight in the long term. Below are a few tips for shedding extra pounds:

  • Don’t follow a diet, make a lifestyle change: Instead of trying to lose weight, dedicate yourself to making permanent lifestyle choices to achieve health. For instance, take the stairs instead of the elevator or ditch soda and drink water instead. Just a few small changes can help you achieve your goals.
  • Exercise regularly: Not only is exercise vital in maintaining a healthy weight, it also does amazing things for your mental health, keeping your brain in tip-top shape.
  • Don’t punish your body, nourish it: Focus on nourishing your body with all the healthy food it needs to function properly, rather than thinking of restricting yourself.
  • Keep a positive state of mind: Meditate, listen to tunes, or take a mental-health day. Do anything you need to keep yourself feeling positive and stress-free in order to ward off emotional eating.
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