Bone Marrow – A Foodie Fad?

The American diet has been viewed as simplistic, bland, and lacking adventure.  But true foodies know nutritious dishes that excite the palate do exist.  Bone marrow has gained recent popularity in the states and can be found on progressive menus across the country.  However, this underappreciated food in the US is often considered a delicacy in other countries and has been a staple in many foreign cuisines.  The French even have special spoons for bone marrow dishes!  What we toss to our canine friends, other countries revere for its deep flavor and nutritional profile.  

Are you an adventurous foodie?  Then bone marrow should no longer be viewed as a byproduct in your eyes! Bone marrow is found in the middle of bones.  It has high contents of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and fats.  A great source of omega-3 fatty acids, bone marrow may be considered the newest superfood!

But how does bone marrow taste?  It has been described as creamy, nutty and a bit sweet.  It is a rich addition to any dish.  How do you eat this unfamiliar treat?  When first diving into the new adventure, stick with dishes that use bone marrow for flavor, and not the main course.  It can be a great addition in southern mac and cheese or delicious in a hearty stew.  Not shying away from the unique and unknown?  Bone marrow is often served in the bone, roasted with pesto seasoning, and spread on a cracker or deliciously toasted brioche bread.  A quick search on Pinterest pulls up a plethora of pictures and recipes!  So expand your palate and your nutrition.  This may just be a trend that will stick around.

LeeAnn Kindness is a graduate student at Drexel University majoring in human nutrition. She plans to become a registered dietitian.

Photo Credit: Reina Nicole Hayashi


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