Bone Broth: What’s All The Hype?

brodo1Trends in health and wellness seem to come and go like the seasons. In the blink of an eye, a new headline appears claiming to have found the secret behind ever- lasting health. One of the latest foodie trends you may have heard about is bone broth. Yes, you heard that correct, this is in fact a broth made from bones.

Bone broth is turning into a major trend across the country. One Manhattan entrepreneur even opened up a takeout bar dedicated solely to this food phenomenon. In New York City, you can now pick up a hot cup of bone broth to sip during your morning commute to work. While many have jumped on the bone broth bandwagon, you may ask yourself what is all the hype about?

Bone broth is made from boiling down fish and animal bones until a gelatin-rich liquid forms. The bones simmer in water in excess of 24 hours, until they become brittle and soft. The simmering causes the bones to release collagen, important amino acids, and vitamins and minerals. Health gurus claim the broth offers up a number of benefits including immune system support, minimized joint pain, reduced inflammation, rebuilding of muscle, decreased presence of cellulite, and even helping to clear the skin.

While it may seem this cure-all is the answer to your health and wellness prayers, don’t trade in your morning cup of Joe for a soupspoon just yet. The actual research behind the numerous health benefits of bone broth is slim-to-none. Experts in nutrition science agree while the broth does offer up a nutritious meal, it’s not the magic bullet we all hoped for.

There are some more subtle benefits to the bone broth trend, though. The broth itself is healthy and making something from scratch is very self-gratifying, as well as a fantastic skill to have in the kitchen. Moreover, your local farmer loves the hype around this dish, as it means more of the animal gets utilized and less wasted.

Adding bone broth to your recipe repertoire is a great idea and super easy to make, just remember it is not a magic bullet. Keep in mind; you can always add some veggies, potatoes, or noodles to make more of a traditional soup dish, or you can keep it simple like they do at Brodo in NYC, and sip on the warm broth in your favorite travel mug. This is one foodie trend sticking around for a while, or at least until summer hits.

Ashley Russo is a first year graduate student at Syracuse University working on a master’s degree in nutrition science and dietetics. She plans to become a registered dietitian specializing in oncology nutrition.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Goodman

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