A New Year

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Midnight on New Years Eve marked the end of 2014 and the start 2015, a brand new year and a fresh slate. Many individuals like to start the New Year or the new semester with goals and resolutions they’ve made, hoping to better themselves in some areas of their lives. While setting goals is a great practice, but even better, try to get rid of some habits and “qualities” about yourself that might have a negative impact on your goals in 2015.


Leave your distractibility behind in 2014. It is easy to get caught up in social media and technology, especially when our educational, social, and work environments are heavily dependent on keeping in constant contact. When you are trying to multi-task and answer an email at the same time as carrying on a conversation, you are not giving either your direct attention. Instead, make it a point to try to listen to and interact with the people who are physically in front of you. Put your virtual interactions aside and deal with one conversation at a time. Go enjoy coffee with a friend then later respond to your texts, FB messages, and other social media. Another distraction, texting at the dinner table or while in the car with family, takes you out of the current moment and removes you from your surroundings no matter how close in proximity you are. Be present and be aware this 2015.



Overcommitting is easy for a college student to do. Students want to make their teachers proud and their old friends happy, meet new friends and try new things. Leave the spread to thin “you” behind in 2014. Try to break down your day into realistic time blocks. Give yourself time to get your school work done, unwind from your day, get the necessary daily tasks finished, and enjoy catching up with friends or trying a new activity. Fitting people into a busy schedule for a short period of time does allow you to fully enjoy their company or catch up on lost time. When you make plans with a person or promise time to yourself, stick to those words. Give them the time they deserve and yourself the break you need.

Changing people

Everybody gets frustrated with people at one point or another. Try to accept people for who they are and realize that you can’t control how they are going to react or behave. You only have control over your actions, not anyone else’s. Instead of lashing out and pointing out your frustrations to that someone, accept them- quirks and all. It is completely okay to address someone if they have upset you, however it is not okay to point out multiple character traits that bother you since it may just be a part of who they are. The quicker you learn to accept others for their flaws and traits, the less frustrated you will become.

Start 2015 with less confusion, rushing, and frustration by leaving behind these three habits. With time and practice, you can change. Stay present and in the moment with friends and family, practice saying no, and accept your friends for who they are. You’ll be surprised at how light you will feel.

Caroline Hugar is a senior majoring in dietetics at Syracuse University.

Photo Credit: Sammy Gitlin



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