7 Simple Ways to Celebrate World Vegetarian Day!

Vegetarian Day2

Today is World Vegetarian Day, so why not celebrate by having a meat-free meal! While you can usually find vegetarian options in the dining hall, you can also whip up something quick and delicious in your dorm room. We asked some of the Foodie on Campus interns to share some of their favorite dorm room meatless snacks and meals. Why not try one today?

1. Bean Dip:

In a microwavable bowl, layer canned refried beans, salsa and Greek yogurt or sour cream. Top with shredded cheddar cheese.  Microwave for at least 3 minutes or until the cheese is melted. Serve with your favorite chip or veggie.

-Nikki Nies

2. Microwave Flatbread

Take either a whole wheat pita or tortilla, cover it with spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms (or whatever veggies you can take from the salad bar in your dining hall) and sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top. Microwave it until the cheese is melted.

-Elle Hall

3. Microwaveable Mexican Style Rice

Place 1/4 cup rice, 1/4 cup water, and 1 tsp. butter in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high, uncovered for 10 minutes. Then microwave on medium-low uncovered for 13 minutes.  Stir in salsa, beans and frozen corn.  Microwave on medium-low for an additional 2 minutes.

-Joanne Mumbey

4. Veggie Sandwich

Put avocado, lettuce, tomato, sprouts and goat cheese (or any cheese that you want) on multigrain bread. You can even add apples to give a nice crunch and sweetness. No cooking required.

-Ashley Sobel

7. Perfect Popcorn

Put plain, unpopped, popcorn kernels in a brown paper bag and microwave for three minutes, or until fully popped. Empty the popcorn into a bowl and sprinkle with olive oil and feta or parmesan cheese. Feel free to add any additional toppings to customize your snack!

-Meaghan Harkins

6. Microwave Quesadillas

Spread black beans on a whole-wheat, high fiber tortilla and top with spinach and cheese. Fold the tortilla in half, cover it with a napkin, and microwave for a minute. Top with salsa and avocado.

-Emma Majchrzak

7. Greek Yogurt Parfait

Layer your favorite flavor of Greek yogurt, berries, and granola. Top with nut butter.

-Natalie Senninger


You can find all of these ingredients at your local grocery store and most should be available in your dining hall. Going meatless, even once a week, can positively impact your health and the environment. Meatless meals tend to be cheap, easy, and nutritious; perfect for a college student! A fun way to celebrate World Vegetarian Day would be to grab a group of friends and each make a different meatless meal to share. You might even turn a carnivore into a veggie-lover!

Photo Credit: Michelle Przybilla

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