5 Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast Again

BREAKFAST- DOWNLOAD with HYPERLINKRemember that alarm clock you snoozed 5 times before realizing your class starts in 20 minutes!? Yeah… so does your stomach! Most likely, you forgot to eat breakfast in the midst of your hot mess type of morning. About 10% of people end up skipping breakfast every day, which is seriously alarming since it’s the most important meal of the day!

Here are 5 reasons you will never want to skip breakfast again:

Fight the “Freshman 15”  

There’s nothing like boosting your metabolism by fueling your body after a long (or short) night of sleep.  Jump-start your day by eating a nutritious breakfast to power through your daily endeavors. Research shows that eating breakfast on a regular basis helps maintain a healthy weight.


Dollarphotoclub_88895890 8Brainpower

Having a hard time keeping alert and concentrating in your classes? Maybe it’s because you skipped your morning meal! Breakfast has been shown to increase attention span, improve memory, and strengthen cognitive and problem-solving abilities. Eating a breakfast packed with omega-3s and vitamin C helps power your brain to function at a higher level.


Lifestyle Enhancer

Skipping breakfast might actually send your health goals down the drain. Sounds a bit dramatic, right? Well, studies show that people who skip breakfast are more likely to skip the gym as well. Get into the habit of making your first meal of the day your way of starting the day off right. Your body, after all, needs breakfast to fuel your muscles and brain to operate at full potential.


Better Mood

What’s the worst type of person to be around? A hangry person. Do everyone a favor and eat a Snickers breakfast! Your brain craves glucose as fuel, so indulge your brain in a nutritious breakfast before you say hello to the world with a smile on your face.

Improved Overall Nutrition

People who regularly eat breakfast are more likely to meet their nutritional needs for the day! Breakfast eaters usually consume more vitamin A and C, fiber, calcium, riboflavin, zinc and iron. Ironically, breakfast eaters also typically eat less calories and dietary fats than skippers.

Whether you are trying to fight the infamous freshman 15, improve your focus, or get your happy on, eating a nutritious breakfast every morning is the ticket. And don’t forget, stop snoozing that darn alarm clock…. your growling stomach will thank you.

Click here to download a week’s worth of breakfast ideas and recipes!

Breakfast Made Easy

Jackie Parker is currently a junior nutritional sciences student on the dietetics track at Texas A&M University.

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