5 Must Haves For Every Dorm

Dorm Smoothies

It’s getting to that time of summer when incoming college freshmen may or may not be freaking out. It’s okay: we’ve been there. If you’re making the transition between high school and college, there are certain things you have to consider: doing your own laundry, managing your time without mom telling you when to study, and you know, looking after yourself—especially in the “kitchen.”

Let’s be real, ask any student who has lived on campus for several years, the dining halls can only get you so far. There are snacks and dishes that you can totally make in your room without resorting to cereal bars for breakfast, and these five gadgets are an absolute must for foodies to have in their dorm room:

1. Brita

Dorm essentials

Save the earth by ditching bottled water, and purchase a Brita instead. If you aren’t too crazy about unfiltered tap water, the Brita is for sure your soon-to-be college bestie. It’s a pitcher that filters water. The filters last you awhile, but make sure you replace them every so often to keep your water fresh and tasting great.

  1. Microwave
Microwave kitchen and household equipment isolated on white

Microwave kitchen and household equipment isolated on white

How else are you going to make Cup Noodles and Easy Mac? This gadget is definitely something you’ll need in your dorm when you’re up late or too busy studying to grab a meal in a dining hall. Make a quick meal, popcorn, or even heat up leftovers from that nice place your parents took you to. Whatever’s your cup of tea (oh, you can make that too).

  1. Oster Blend-N-Go My Blend Blender
Sliced fruits and blender on wooden table, on bright background

Sliced fruits and blender on wooden table, on bright background

Pop in some fruits and milk or yogurt, or ice cream and Nutella—seriously, the options are endless. You can make a smoothie right in your dorm room with this blender, then take it on the go to class if you’re in a rush.

  1. French Press

frenchpress2Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wake up for 8 am lectures, and chances are you’re not going to like it. Something to make lecture slightly bearable though, is coffee. Save money by making it in your room. For true foodies, French Press is the classic way to go for a good, strong cup o’ joe in the morning. However, if you’re in a rush, a Keurig will suffice, although Keurigs are not the most environmentally friendly or economical choice.

  1. Mini-fridge

This one may seem obvious, but all the more reason to include it. You’ll need a fridge to keep all your milk (for cereal/coffee), snacks (fruits/veggies ideally), leftovers, take out and any other beverages you can think of.

Elana is a senior at New York University double majoring in journalism and art history. She loves all things chocolate (especially Levain dark chocolate chocolate chip cookies). Her pastimes include writing, eating, museum-hopping, and attempting to decipher Harry Styles’ tweets.

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