5 Must Have Health Apps

Smart_phoneThere is no denying that smart phones are taking over the social media world. Whether you use your phone to check Twitter and Instagram, your e-mail, or just surf the web, the possibilities are endless with what you can do with them! With over hundreds of apps available for smart phone users, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worthy of downloading. Here are a few free apps that can help you lead a healthier life.

  • Nike+ Running App- Whether you’re training for a marathon, or just want to keep track of when you run, this is a great app! One of the coolest features is that it includes a GPS so you can track your route, and even your speed along the way. It not only keeps track of every single run, but also records your fastest times, your farthest run, average pace, and so much more! Whether you like to run outdoors, or on the treadmill, this is the perfect app to use to help meet your fitness goals.
  • Fooducate- Say goodbye to trying to decipher confusing nutrition labels at the grocery store. This app allows you to become a better shopper, as well as understand health and nutrition claims. If you are grocery shopping and happen to scan an object with little nutritional value, Fooducate offers healthier alternatives to substitute. This is ideal if you are in a rush and need to pick up something quick! This app is perfect for college students as this is typically the first time you are shopping for yourself. The change from living at home to college can often change your eating habits due to dining halls and 24/7 snack bars, but thankfully apps like Fooducate can help get you back on track!
  • My Fitness Pal- With all of the calorie counter apps to choose from, My Fitness Pal is definitely one of the best. Take advantage of this app whether you want to lose, gain, or maintain your weight. You simply enter in your personal data (age, weight, height, activity level) and the app will determine how many calories you need every day depending on your goals. The recommended calorie levels can sometimes be too low, so keep in mind that most healthy college students need a bare minimum of 1600 net calories (and sometimes more depending on activity level) even if weight loss is the goal. Additionally, My Fitness Pal also factors in your exercise every day. This app helps you organize your meals and remember everything that you eat. If you’re someone who wants to become more self-aware of how much you’re eating, this app is perfect for you!
  • Charity Miles- This app allows you to donate money to charity just by exercising! If you’re a biker, you can donate 10 cents per miles, while runners and walkers can donate 25 cents per mile. Many charities, such as Habitat for Humanity, World Wildlife Fund, and Every Mother Counts, are affiliated with this app, allowing for numerous options in choosing which organization you want to donate to. Not only will this app provide extra incentive to exercise, it will also provide you with a sense of accomplishment knowing you did something good for your body, as well as for others!
  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock- Do you wake up feeling tired in the morning, even if you’ve gotten your full 8 hours of recommended sleep? As college students, morning routines are not always set in stone. One morning you can have an 8am, then not have a class until 2pm the next day. This makes it extremely difficult for your body to regulate a normal sleep schedule. Fortunately, this app can help. It works by monitoring your sleep patterns and recording when you are in your lightest sleep phase, as well as your deepest. Simply set your alarm before you go to sleep, and the app will wake you up in your lightest sleep phase, within 20 minutes of your set time. Sleep is so important to your health, and luckily this app can assure you get enough high quality sleep.

As college students with hectic class schedules, clubs, and jobs, it’s easy to subconsciously put your health on the backburner at times. Thankfully, with the great technology available for smart phones, help is on the way. Take advantage of these free apps that are right at your fingertips for better health, and see which work best for you!

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