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National Guacamole Day

Today is National Guacamole Day, a wonderful day of the year for many Americans! As the tortilla chip’s best friend, guacamole is an especially popular food among college students for its healthy reputation and delicious qualities. Whether you prefer it mild, spicy, or sweet, different people have their own preference… MORE>

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Facial Foods

College students live hectic lives and sometimes get so caught up with midterms, deadlines, and meetings that they forget to take care of their bodies. With the stress that accumulates from midterms and the imminent arrival of winter, it is about time to give your skin some extra love. Below… MORE>

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Campus Chow

How to Serve a Vegetarian Friendly Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is quickly approaching and if you’re the host, you’ve probably already thought about the menu. From pumpkin pie, to mashed potatoes, to stuffing; there are so many delicious options! But every year, at the center of the table, sits the main event- the turkey. In fact, in 2012,… MORE>

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Mind, Body, Soul

Embrace Your Body

At store check out lines, you are constantly exposed to numerous magazines flaunting celebrities “beach bodies” and weight loss quick fixes. You can’t even turn on the TV without being bombarded with celebrities’  insane diets and rigorous exercise regimens they practice in order to achieve the perfect body. With all of… MORE>

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What makes a person “picky”? Is it fear? or stubbornness! NO it’s supertasting! There is nothing wrong with being “picky,” and there are many outside factors that contribute to picky eating. However, if you are someone who is often called a picky eater by your friends and family, you might… MORE>

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Thanksgiving Appetizers

In the U.S., Thanksgiving is often an all-day event filled with lots of family, food, and for some, football. Every family has their own traditions from the time the feast is served, what dishes are prepared, who carves the turkey and more. Lots of families begin their meal with appetizers… MORE>

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