Warm Up With Cold Brewed Coffee

Cold brewed coffee machineCollege students are known for their love and desire for one (or a few) cups of coffee every day. Most coffee drinkers cannot start their morning without that steaming cup of deliciousness. The next big coffee trend this year seems to be cold brewed coffee, and it’s popping up in hipster coffee shops all over the country. The big question seems to be, “What is this cold brewed coffee?” Basically, it is a different way of brewing coffee. The coffee beans are ground to a coarse consistency and then soaked in room temperature or chilled water for at least twelve hours. Then, the grounds are filtered out of the water using a coffee filter or a French press to make a coffee concentrate. You can ask the barista to dilute the coffee concentrate with water and many people add milk and sugar as they would to a regular cup of coffee. The cold brewed coffee is enjoyed hot, iced, or blended into a coffee beverage.

Cold brewed coffeeCold brewed coffee has a lower acidity than regularly brewed coffee so it seems sweeter, which is why this method has become so popular. Because the coffee grounds are never in contact with hot water, the process of extracting flavor from the grounds produces a different flavor profile than traditional brewing methods. The cold brewing process pulls out the delicious coffee flavor and caffeine, but leaves behind the bitter oils and fatty acids that give your coffee that unpleasant bite.

You may confuse cold brewed coffee with iced coffee. While cold brewed coffee is delicious served over ice because of its sweet, concentrated flavor, traditional iced coffee is brewed hot and then cooled by pouring it over ice. When ordering your iced coffee make sure to tell the barista if you want it made with cold brewed coffee!

With just a few inexpensive materials that you might even have around your dorm or apartment, it is simple to create your own cold brewing coffee station. Here’s what you’ll need:Cold brewed coffee

  • 6 ounces of your favorite coarsely ground coffee
  • A piece of felt
  • 2 large coffee filters
  • A 2 liter bottle
  • Thread
  • Scissors

To create the filtration system, cut off the bottom of the two liter bottle. Flip the bottle over and place the pouring side into a glass, with the cut side facing up. Fold the felt and stuff it into the pouring side of the bottle and put the cap on. Split the coffee into the two coffee filters and tie the filters with thread to create “coffee tea bags.” Place these “coffee tea bags” in the open end of the filtration system and fill it up with about six cups of clean water. Brew the coffee for 12- 24 hours and take off the cap; a slow drip should start. Add your preferred condiments and enjoy!

Melissa Heller is a junior at Boston University majoring in health science. She hopes to go into the public health field after she graduates.

Photo Credit: Melissa Heller, Michelle Przybilla

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