Happy National Dessert Day!

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Nothing compares to biting into a warm, chewy brownie or scooping cookie dough ice cream on top of apple pie. Practically everyone loves dessert and it is even some people’s favorite part of a meal. October 14th the most spectacular days of the year. Revering all the wonderful desserts that provide so much flavor, warmth, and comfort, we dedicate an entire day to these desserts! There is no better way to celebrate this delicious day than whipping up your favorite chocolate pudding or dipping strawberries into dark chocolate. Dating back to the Middle Ages, desserts were limited to only the affluent.

While we commonly think of desserts as cookies, pastries, pies and cakes, people in the Middle Ages actually ate unnamedpreserved fruits, jelly and wafers for dessert. Even though our desserts have dramatically changed in some aspects, we can certainly thank these people for introducing us to a wonderful part of mealtime and for some brilliant desserts that still exist today.

However, most tasty desserts today are high in sugar and fat, which means we should enjoy them in moderation. The sugar offers a sweet spruce while the fat adds flavor, but while they taste delicious, neither one of these ingredients offer many health benefits. Luckily, many desserts can utilize substitute ingredients that add health benefits such as egg whites instead of eggs in cakes or using oats as the basis of cookies rather than brown sugar. If you can’t live without dessert, and many people can’t and shouldn’t have to, switching it up between the real thing and a healthier substitute is a great idea!

Here are a few fun facts to share with friends on National Dessert Day about desserts!unnamed-1

• 1381- The first printed recipe for apple pie was introduced

• The shelf life of a chocolate bar is one year

• Pie was originally filled with fillings like meat or vegetables

• 1700- Eclairs with cream center and chocolate topping emerged

• For most centuries, puddings were meat based

• In Italy, people still eat salad for dessert

• Some of the top five desserts in America include brownies, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake and fudge

• Sugar was not added to chocolate until hundreds of years after it had been discovered

• Many cultures have their own variations of similar desserts around the world. For example mandel bread, usually associated with the Eastern European Jewish population and Italian biscotti are both hard cookies well suited to dipping in coffee.

National Dessert day is certainly a day to celebrate.  We enjoy desserts for holidays, special occasions, sweet treats and much more.  So, enjoy grandma’s famous apple pie recipe every so often, and silently thank the patrons from the middle ages for introducing us to an incredible treat.

What treats are you making today in honor of National Dessert Day? Take a picture of your desserts and share with us @foodieoncampus and/or share on Facebook!

Photo Credit: Rachel Weidt, Jennifer Collins

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